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As the global economy continues to advance and expand our cumulative energy needs and building materials demand grows exponentially. One of the supreme advantages of aluminum as a building material is, lightweight, strength and it is highly recyclable. Value-added aluminum products reduce energy consumption and save greatly on energy expense, while vastly lowering carbon emissions in several applications. Aluminum roofs reflect 95 percent of sunlight, dramatically increasing building energy efficiency. Highly recycled and lightweight aluminum packaging save on shipping costs and carbon emissions. Many studies have shown that aluminum has 20 percent smaller life cycle energy consumption rate than steel in many industries. For the perfect combination of highly efficient and green-friendly building materials, please choose Fenglu.

We are a large-scale aluminum extrusion manufacturer headquartered in China. The prime focus of Fenglu is concentrated in the sectors of aluminum windows, doors, curtain walls, facades, fences, handrails, balustrades, balconies, columns, partitions, wardrobe panels, furniture rails, heat-sinks, radiators, cylinders, pipes, tubes, louvers, shutters, tent extrusions, form work extrusions, form work panels, welded lattice beams and any customized shapes of extrusions, many of these products are available with anodizing (both vertical and horizontal) and powder coating (both vertical and horizontal) with a max length of 13.50 meters.

Our company will soon have three decades of experience for honing invaluable expertise and acquiring valuable experience. This hard-won industry knowledge allows Fenglu to provide our clients, with high quality, energy-efficient aluminum extrusion products at very competitive prices. The high-speed rail industry in China has seen rapid development and with that the demand for aluminum has skyrocketed with Fenglu providing a great deal of these products to very satisfied rail industry clients. Other Types of businesses Fenglu serves are centered in the following industries, Commercial buildings of railway stations, airports, shopping malls, schools, banks, hotels, hospitals, sports stadiums, office facades, Fenglu believes that our qualified staff is the backbone of the company and we have established a powerful workforce over 8,000 strong. These very able operators utilizing over 100 extrusion presses, ranging from 800ton to 10,000 ton, have achieved an annual production capacity of 600,000 metric tons of aluminum extrusions.

Fenglu has been heavily focused on the domestic market, establishing more than 4000 “brand name” distributors and retailers all over China and Taiwan. Fenglu is the industry leader in the building industry with aluminum applications in terms of sales volume and sales networks in China. Our overseas markets have really enjoyed rapid growth, with over 600 international clients and distributors from 80 different countries and regions and we warmly welcome all overseas clients to visit our comprehensive manufacturing facilities.

Quality control is a large part of the Fenglu business philosophy and we always adhere to European and USA standards, e.g. ABS, DNV, Qualicoat, Qualanod, ASTM - B211, DIN-17615,BS-1474, BS EN -755, etc..

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